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The view from the U.N.: Human rights

NEW YORK - When United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched the year long commemoration of

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Vision needed for future

Algirdas Kauspedas has been a mainstream public figure in Lithuania since his band Antis 's meaning

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Listening to the debate, you wouldn't know who to believe. On reflection, it would seem that they ar

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Engineering international relations

With the Council of the Baltic Sea States summitt fast approaching 's it will be held in Riga in ear

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Lithuania's decision to rescind its objection to the start of EU-Russia talks was, from the outset,

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It is a matter of sheer bewilderment that agriculture comprises some 3 percent of the gross output o

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From Bucharest to Kiev and on to Tbilisi?

A little bit less than a decade ago, NATO-Russia relations nearly collapsed at the double insult of

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Queen of Dance

World-renowned dancer Vija Vetra 85, returns to the stage, the television and the classroom in Latvi

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Sweeping annexation

Several observers have for some time turned Western attention to dangerous developments in Russia's

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The opinion shaper

If the Baltics are to weather the storm of the global slowdown the

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