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Lighten up guys

In brief I find The Baltic Times most interesting. However,  there is a strong emphasis on the

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Fall from grace

Latvians were once so proud. A mere 17 years ago Latvians took to the streets in a m

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Can the Baltics learn from U.S. financial mistakes?

In early July, stock markets reached new lows for the year, with the U.S. financial sector in panic

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King of the road

Lithuanian transport is expanding due to money received from the European Union. The Baltic Times sp

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Picky Criminals

If you went to a restaurant, would you walk out the door and refuse to eat there if you didn't like

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The environmentalist

The leader of the Green Party since 2006, Marek Strandberg studied chemistry at Tartu University. He

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ARIES (March 21-April 19): To avoid disappointment this week

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In denial

Forbes magazine, a widely respected international business publication, has named Latvia as having t

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The Scholar

Latvia, like the other Baltic countries, is facing a brain drain as the young and gifted are lured a

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Politicians and the Public

Oskars Kastens, Latvia's Minister for Social Integration, is a hard man to like. Smug and intellectu

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