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Fair on Pilies Street

VILNIUS - Pilies Street, the central street of Vilnius' Old Town, is not only a place of promenades.

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Vilnius to have the world's biggest Christmas tree

VILNIUS - The Vilnius TV tower will be turned into a magnificent Christmas tree on Dec. 25. The towe

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Riga reclaims its medieval past

RIGA - After decades of neglect, Latvia's capital city regained its historical center Dec. 9 when mo

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A new home for the Occupation Museum

RIGA - The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia went house-hunting Dec. 7, and at the top of the list

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All clear: OK for Y2K

TALLINN – Electrical systems and banks have confirmed their year 2000 preparedness to Estonian autho

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U.N. report shows Estonia's economic reforms ahead, social reforms lagging

TALLINN – Social reforms have taken a back seat to the rapid economic and political reforms of the p

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Will Portugal hold a different EU attitude?

HELSINKI - In just one year Latvia and Lithuania have moved from European Union hopefuls to official

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Guess who came to Helsinki? A small media army invades EU summit

HELSINKI - Besides being the site of historical political decisions, the European Commission summit

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Lukashenko and Yeltsin confound the fans

RIGA - President Boris Yeltsin ill of late, has sufficiently recovered to put a pen to a pact on Dec

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EU membership not welcomed by all

HELSINKI – While top government officials flashed their broadest smiles and spoke of milestone momen

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