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Millennium book hits Christmas book markets

KAUNAS/VILNIUS - A new, solid book about Lithuania, "The Book of the Millennium," has hit Christmas

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Estonian gas price reaches record

TALLINN - As a result of higher excise duty on gasoline, Estonian service stations increased the pri

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Summed up

IMF TELLS LITHUANIA TO CUT: An IMF mission has called on the Lithuanian government to revise the dra

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Latvia gets IMF backup credit

RIGA - The International Monetary Fund on Dec. 10 approved a $45 million line of credit to support t

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Latvian pork tariff makes Estonia squeal

RIGA - Latvia announced on Dec. 9 that it would extend protective measures on pork for another two y

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AIESEC youth train to change the world with new management

RIGA - For Latvia's chapter of the international student group AIESEC such well-worked over issues a

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Off the Wire

FRESH AIR TERMINAL: A refurbished airport terminal will be opened in Tallinn soon, but it will take

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A tender Vitols tapped for education minister

RIGA - One of the youngest members of Latvia's Parliament has been selected to take over an embattle

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No oil leak at Butinge, Lithuania panel says

VILNIUS (BNS) - A government commission investigating an accident at the Lithuanian Butinge oil term

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Soviet hero goes on trial

RIGA - The Soviet Union called Vasily Kononov a hero, but last week a Riga regional court began hear

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