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Latvia passes language law

RIGA - An ad hoc centrist coalition quietly and determinedly pushed a compromise language law throug

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Let the talks begin: Latvia, Lithuania to open EU negotiations

HELSINKI - Government officials from Latvia, Lithuania and four other countries went to Helsinki las

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Russians in Estonia can vote in Russia's elections

TALLINN – Nearly 100,000 Russian citizens living in Estonia may go to the polls Dec. 19 for the Stat

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Let's nominate the members of Latvia's parliament and Riga City Council and their functionaries

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Making the most of those long, dark nights

Tallinn's 3rd Annual Black Nights Film Festival capitalizes on Estonia's short winter days: What

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A bit of Lebanon in the land of kiosks

From Vilnius a traveller can catch a bus or a train to anywhere in Lithuania and even to the oth

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'Cold' movie steams up officials

When does a film cross the line from art to pornography? Elina Cerpa reports on how a steamy Fre

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Stock markets: weekly report (November 26 - December 3)

Estonia: Shares rise in flush liquidityHigher corporate turnovers and a positive economic backgro

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Baltic bourses: two steps toward consolidation

Step 1.Alliance with NOREX possible starting in 2000The Nordic states stock exchange alliance

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Earnings of the listed companies

EstoniaRakvere Lihakombinaat (Rakvere Meatpacking Factory) has posted a net profit of 15.1 m

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