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Seeing forests for the trees

RIGA - A group of more than 20 Members of Parliament filed a petition in Latvia's Constitutional

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Book frames the Holocaust in Latvian

RIGA - The first historical study of the Holocaust in Latvia was released in Latvian translation

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Is Euroskepticism really growing?

VILNIUS - If the referendum on membership in the European Union were held right now, Lithuanians

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Lithuanians rule the world in dance contest

VILNIUS - The Klaipeda University sport dance group Zuvedra became the world champions of Latin

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Art projects receive funding

RIGA - Latvia's major financial support body for cultural projects, individual artistic projects

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Latvian merchants join Generation Xmas

RIGA - As Christmas nears, tinsel, reindeer and canned carols give Riga an atmosphere similar to

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HMO arrives in Estonia: Businesses give clinic a ho-hum reception

TALLINN - A new concept in health care was introduced in the Baltics last week when Medicover, a

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Estonia applies for exceptions to EU hunting bans

TALLINN - Elsewhere in the world, environmentalists and hunters make strange bedfellows. But in

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Killings may be related

RIGA - A mid-November afternoon assassination attempt in Riga's city center may be connected to

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Killer sentenced in Gulbene deaths

RIGA - The Vidzeme Regional Court threw the book at convicted murderer Alexander Koryakov this w

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