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Your falling stars for the coming year

The Baltic's most esteemed and unethical astrologer, Gurute Krapartistaite, gazed into the cosmos to

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Changing face of Advent

As the idea of Christmas catches on with more and more people in Latvia, celebrations are being mark

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Rapping in Riga

How did a man born in Ghana, an American rap group, two Turkish girls and a former Milli Vanilli sin

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Seeing in the new year, Russian style

During Soviet times, when Dec. 25 was nothing more than another dark midwinter day, the big celebrat

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Parallel worlds cross at Swedish conference

Katya Cengel reports on a conference that offered a chance to experience the world with a child's en

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Uniting in Lithuania

Raj Chaudhary, retired Wing Commander of the Indian armed forces, opened his Indian restaurant "Sue'

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Hanging stockings in Latvia and Lithuania

Imants Buss Although Buss has been living here for a year and a half, this will be his first

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Fairy tales by candlelight

A visit to the magic village of Rocca-al-Mare proves a journey to Christmas pasts for reporter Denis

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The best time to go to the cinema

The Black Nights film festival in Tallinn served up a tasty treat of action movies, love stories and

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Talented in Tallinn

Viido Polikarpus is a man of many talents. An illustrator with a published novel to his name, he wri

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