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Bremen days in Riga

Like older sisters everywhere, Riga's sister city of Bremen has no problem showing off. Katya Cengel

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Not your father's Robin Hood

The forests of Lithuania have become a perfect shelter for an updated Robin Hood and his crew, as Pa

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A kilt-clad groom

After teaching English for three years in the small Lithuanian town of Birzai, Ewen Cameron of Scotl

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Snapshots of life

Wherever he is, from Chechnya to Siberia, Lithuanian photographer Mindaugas Kulbis is able to find a

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Gays create ripples in Latvia

Anatoly Roitman never planned on telling his mother he was gay. She found out by chance, five years

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A modern Viking visits Latvia

At the opening of an exhibition in Valmiera devoted to him, Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl reminded the w

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An Estonian fairy tale

"Once upon a time."And just like a fairy tale, Antonio Villacis begins the story of how he ended

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Season's 'must haves' for the Lithuanian language

It seems nothing in life is immune to the influence of politics and fashion. Howard Jarvis reports o

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After time on the road, Tiger Tour roars to an end in Tallinn

Rebecca Santana reports on an Estonian Internet tour that let old and young surf the net.Town Squ

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Life without McDonald's

A new group of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers learn to make their own way in Lithuania without the comf

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