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Wanted: Editor with Estonian experience

When Mel Huang stepped off the plane at Tallinn's airport he felt like he was returning home. Anyone

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Estonia's first tattoo shop still pricking away

Taking a risk after the company she was working for shut down, a mother who wears black leather pant

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Writing around the past

In surmounting the nation's onerous past of oppression, deportations, wars, occupations, and cen

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Riga break dancing takes on new spin

Break dancing, the style of dancing that was big in the West during the 80s, is undergoing a revival

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An ugly duckling turns into a swan

We attended the same school, were even in the same class, but neither I nor any of our classmates im

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Lithuania's liquid amber

For Lithuanians, it's very simple. The best Cognac comes from Cognac, the best Champagne from Champa

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Lithuanians in Latvia are almost home

For two countries with such similar languages, cultures and histories, the spectacle of Latvians hu

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A post-World Cup reflection for the Baltics

The lesson to be drawn from France's victory in the World Cup may not be immediately apparent in a B

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Big bad disasters

On April 26, 1986, radiation started to escape from the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear powe

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Back to the future for Baltic students

With the Internet, cable TV, discos and a whole lot of other entertainment options available, the id

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