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Lithuanian raja

Raj Chaudhary, a 61-year-old retired Wing Commander of the Indian armed forces, opened his Indian re

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It's not New Orleans, but it's definitely Jazz

Paul Beckman reports on the tunes that filtered in and the masterpieces that paraded out to create L

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Baltic notes, not rain, travel to France

Jacqueline Karp Gendre recalls a delightful evening in which modern music from the Baltics was the t

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A guitarist for all seasons

Baldi Olier gave Latvia and Estonia a taste of the Mediterranean last week, all the while representi

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The man who tuned up Lithuanian music

Paul Beckman reports on a music man in Lithuania who is helping to replace the washed up pop singers

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Transported Andersons

Although he is in the business of transporting people from A to B, Flemming Andersen did not think h

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The road to Latvia

Gypsies have been a part of Europe ever since they left India 3,000 years ago, but until now, they h

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Home on the abandoned military base

A visit to Paldiski has been described as a nostalgic trip down Communism lane, but Rebecca Santana

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Weird spins in a changing world

El Nino, Russia on its knees, Latvians making sensible election decisions - has the world turned on

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A dancer's itchy feet

It was time for a change. For New York-based dancer and choreographer Aija Paegle, 1995 presented he

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