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Making movies out of nightmares

A film trilogy by Assi Dayan coupled with the director's appearance in Tallinn has given some Baltic

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Vodka, with some assembly required

Many of the things worth bragging about in life come from home: a home-cooked meal, for example. Pau

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Seafarer finds her feet in Tallinn

Denise Albrighton caught up with an Estonian-Canadian who has left the sea behind and has started an

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Live and losing it in Lithuania

Drunken DJs, swearing news anchors and crawling generals - all part of a day's work. Rokas M. Tracev

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Singing Latvia's praises

I just want you to know we've done this before," George Steele says, placing a stack of magazine and

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Shalom club provides necessary shove

It's got its hands full with the peace process at home, but Israel is also trying to help other coun

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Holiday wish list

For all those seasonal Santas, Katya Cengel reports on two charities and their activities.The cri

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UNICEF cards that help out

As UNICEF begins another season of card sales, Daniel Silva reports on how the thank you card of a s

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Thanks, Mr. Gorbachov

A roofer turned priest helps former prisoners make it through the moment, never mind the after life,

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One country at a time

Unless a foreigner spends a considerable amount of time in the Baltic states, he is likely to assume

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