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Paws for thought

Conventional wisdom has it that Estonians are a quiet and reserved lot; a people who never use two w

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Latvia without amber-colored glasses

Aldis Tilens' curiosity about his Latvian roots quickly led to a desire to create a new image of the

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Pancakes for the present, pancakes for the past

There are only a handful of places that symbolize Lithuania's transition from Soviet stagnation to W

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A crowning good-bye

Before pulling out of Latvia, a group of British customs agents decided to bring attention to an oft

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Few memories, lots of attention

The newspapers billed it as a rehabilitation camp for kids from Chernobyl. But Rebecca Santana repor

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Karate drop kicks its way into Lithuania

Making up for time lost under Soviet repression, martial arts participants are busy walking on glass

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Breaking through cultural boundaries

The word "volunteer" has had a bad rap in Estonia since Soviet times, when it meant being pulled off

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Baltic Sea identity

The inaugural Rauma Biennale Balticum in 1985 was one of the first chances for artists from communis

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A picture perfect village

It emerged from the debris of World War II and is now helping the "social orphans" of Latvia. Katya

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Eskimo trees and dangerous ABCs

Collector and linguist Juris Cibuls offers a fresh look at the cultural footprints found in ABC book

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