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Just this side of the other side

Like taxes, death will catch up with us all one day. Philip Birzulis spoke to some people who devote

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Riga's favorite barladies

With new bars appearing all the time, customers in Riga can afford to be fickle about where they hav

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The magic cure of life

Mentally disabled people, once left to wither away in institutions, are now doing things previously

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British filmmaker creates a cultural controversy

By a strange turn of events, Englishman Bob Mullan found himself in Lithuania writing a book and cre

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If the shoe fits - go for it!

In an interview with Latvian director Laila Pakalnina, Alex De Leon takes a new look at the film "Th

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Vilnius: Harry's last move

Although Harry Sherwood, or Mr. Harry as he prefers to be referred to, carries a British passport, t

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An untraditional branch of a traditional club

Dzoanna Eglite reports on the opening of Latvia's first Rotary Club for English speakers.In the l

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Estonia's Independence celebration sparks a debate

Rebecca Santana and Urmas Maranik report on the criticisms brought up at the celebration of seven y

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Identities not nationalities

For the second year in a row a Danish education program helps young people from all over Europe disc

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A Buddhist love story

Neither Soviet torture nor vast distances nor religious divisions dimmed the glow of this love story

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