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One of a kind

The town of Sokolac in eastern Republika Srbska is unique in a number of ways. Cradled on top of bre

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No fear

Bosnia is a special place for me. Life there and in Latvia is like being in two different worlds, bu

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Watching the voting after the shooting

The mid-September national elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina were witnessed by the Organization for Se

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Bad boy Australian actor in Riga

Award winning Australian actor Nicholas Hope, star of the cult movie "Bad Boy Bubby," came to Latvia

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A rugby missionary

Those that know coach Slade can well imagine him at the age of 82 hobbling up and down the touch lin

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Lithuania: land of the little known

Rokas M. Tracevskis takes to the streets of Vilnius to let foreigners and Western visitors talk abou

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Tales of the legendary Forest Brothers

On the 20th anniversary of the capture of the last Forest Brother, Rebecca Santana reports on the le

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Sleeping Beauty of a lost generation

A group of young Latvian filmmakers, most of whom lost grandparents and other relatives during World

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The Celtic connection

Living abroad inevitably means adapting to some of the new country's customs. For Ianis Kalejs, bein

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Homecoming in a distant land

St. Savior's Anglican church in Riga strengthens its foundations. Dzoanna Eglite reports on a church

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