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Armenian FM expects implementation of partnership agreement with EU to start in May or June

YEREVAN - The implementation of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between Armenia and the European Union should begin this sp...

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Council of Europe concerned about recent death sentences in Belarus

MINSK - The Council of Europe has once again urged the Belarusian authorities to establish the moratorium on the use of the capital punishm...

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Envoy says Serbia will never recognize Kosovo for accession to EU

MOSCOW - Serbia will never recognize Kosovo to accede to the European Union, Serbian Ambassador to Russia Slavenko Terzic said at Thursday&...

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EU needs to mend relations with Russia - Bulgarian PM

PARIS - Normalization of relations with Russia is an important task for the European Union, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on ...

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Nord Stream pipeline capacity utilization reached 93% in 2017 - Nord Stream

MOSCOW - Capacity utilization of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was 93% in 2017 and 51 bln cubic meters of gas were supplied to Europe over it, th...

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Slovakia’s policy to focus on deeper European integration in 2018 - ministry

BRATISLAVA - Slovakia links its welfare with the European Union (EU) and is building its foreign policy based on this organization’s ...

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West knows Kiev tries to instigate military scenario in Donbass - Lavrov

MOSCOW - The United States and Europe see that the current Ukrainian authorities seek to instigate a military phase in Donbass, Russian For...

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Hungarian PM criticizes EU policy towards Russia

BERLIN - Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban criticized the European Union’s policy towards Russia. Germ...

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Russian Orthodox archbishop says Western Europe’s gender policy an

MOSCOW - Western Europe’s gender policy is "an enormous tragedy and next generations will see its repercussions," Metropolitan H...

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Council of Europe says no plans to expel Russia over suspension of payment

PARIS - The Council of Europe is not considering the possibility to expel Russia over its suspension of payments, Spokesperson for the Council o...

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