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Searching for energy independence in the Baltic forests

While EU policy makers for environment and energy gathered for an informal meeting in Riga’s National Library this week, producers, suppli...

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The challenge of Russia's decline

As Europe debates whether to maintain its sanctions regime against Russia, the Kremlin’s policy of aggression toward Ukraine continues una...

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A seat at the table: Berzins, Zatlers and Vike-Freiberga

On April 1, 2011, Valdis Zatlers, then President of Latvia, visited the White House.  I wrote about this visit at the time and described it...

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Dealing with Minsk-2

Vytautas Landsbergis, head of the Lithuanian state between 1990 and 1992 — and a man who is rumoured to have great influence on the curren...

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Post-Nemtsov Russia

More than a month has passed since the murder of Boris Nemtsov, one of the main leaders of Russia’s opposition, who was shot four times in...

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Lithuania’s “Barmy Army”

Failing to get tickets to watch Lithuania’s recent Euro 2016 qualifier with England at Wembley, TBT Reporter Julius Bailey-Augalistas ...

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Lunch with The Baltic Times: Artemy Troitsky

Artemy Troitsky wrote the book on Soviet rock. There was a time – a long time – when that was an entirely true and ...

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Russia's misery and the West's perplexity

Poor Russia – here’s a country that once again has embarked on a path to more unhappiness than happiness, more suffering, misery and...

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Belarusian and Russian spy co-operation highlights larger problems in Lithuania

The security services of Belarus are closely cooperating with their Russian counterparts against Lithuania as far as their targets are concerned...

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Moscow faces obstacles to closer involvement with Latvian Russians

An appeal to the Russian Duma by the leader of a non-citizens' NGO in Latvia is the tip of the iceberg of Moscow’s increasing involvem...

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