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Lithuanian Independence Day and American soldiers

This blog is called “Transatlantic Connection,” and this week in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, I experienced true transatlantic c...

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National Bolshevik activist: ethnic Russians in Baltics mistaken in thinking they can integrate

Many ethnic Russians in the Baltic countries think that they can function perfectly normally there because they speak the languages and get alon...

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Riga officials: Moscow using Russian organisations to destabilise Latvia

Solvita Āboltiņa, chairman of the Latvian parliament’s security committee, says that the 100 NGOs in Latvia receiving money from Moscow ar...

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Latvian journalist: hybrid war has already begun via media

In words that some will dismiss as being like those of the little boy who cried wolf and that others will see as a cry of despair, Latvian TV jo...

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Belarus is "the key to the Baltic countries" for Putin: Shevtsova

For Vladimir Putin, Belarus is “the key to the Baltic countries” as a military-strategic outpost and thus quite possibly Minsk will ...

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Moscow's main goal in Baltics to sow doubts about NATO response

Moscow’s “main goal” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at the present time is to convince portions of the population of these t...

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Estonia and Hungary: a very Finno-Ugric feud

Someone walking past the Russian Embassy on Pikk Tanav in Tallinn and looking up at the striking beige Art Nouveau-ish building that faces it mi...

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The Baltic perspective on the crisis in Ukraine

Before Russia began its aggression against Ukraine, including the annexation of Crimea, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia had felt a higher level of...

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Estonia adds e-citizens - and security

Much fuss has been made about the Estonian government’s debut of its e-citizenship program, which some 13,000 foreigners have already sign...

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Gotland: the Baltic's weak link?

Dear Russian military planners: In the Baltic Sea, about 50 miles from Sweden and 80 miles from Latvia, there&rsqu...

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