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WATCH LIVE: Experts discuss Latvia's incoming EU presidency

Tomorrow, December 4th from 9:00-18:40 at the Tallink Hotel Riga, the large-scale Latvian EU Pre-Presidency Conference “M...

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A visit to Ukraine’s wounded soldiers

While Nato intelligence reports last month showed that Russia is continuing to supply arms, munitions and supplies to separatist forces in easte...

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International Discussion in Kaunas Examined Liberal Arts Education Today

We are experiencing a historical turning point, as job markets and education fields are changing and models need to be rethought. This was the c...

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Latvian independence day and reflections on the military reality

RIGA - On 18 November 2014, Latvia celebrated its Independence Day with a military parade – a well trodden way for a nation to display its...

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Latvia’s new residency permit laws reckless and irresponsible

The situation surrounding residence permits is definitely worrying. It is not often that the government creates an investment program that bring...

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Charity with a question mark

If you are reading this issue of The Baltic Times on the Thursday when it was published, then tomorrow a young boy from Latvia called Davis will...

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Lithuanian master of time and space

VILNIUS - At the age of 38, Linas Adomaitis is a Lithuanian stage veteran, with a musical career that kicked off with the group L+, already maki...

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Touched by music

TARTU - The snow is on the ground, familiar yuletide tunes are playing in restaurants and bars, and the Baltic is slowly readying itself for the...

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Baltic literature roundup

Whitehorn’s Windmill Author: Kazys Boruta Translator: Elizabeth Novickas Cen...

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Authentic lifestyle in Kalnciems District

RIGA - Every Saturday is celebrated in the Kalnciema wooden architecture quarter in Riga with a traditional market – a nice highlight not ...

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