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Babies born on Jan 1 will receive first Lithuanian euro coins

Babies born on 1 January 2015, the historic day when Lithuania adopts the single European currency, will receive the first Lithuanian euro coins...

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Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine awarded Person of Year title

Lithuania's national radio LRT has awarded the title of Person of the Year to Lithuania's ambassador to Ukraine and signatory of the Ind...

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Lithuania PM: Euro adoption will be beneficial for whole country

This year, the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Algirdas Butkevicius, will celebrate the New Year in an unusual manner: when the clock strikes twelv...

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Lithuania and Tuvalu establish diplomatic relations

The Lithuanian Government yesterday approved the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish diplomatic relations with Tuvalu, isla...

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Lithuania: fears over the UK's new "traffic light" food labelling system

Lithuanian producers are concerned by the United Kingdom's nutrition labelling system, which is based on the colours of traffic lights. Most...

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Grazulis: Lithuania should go to The Hague over alleged CIA prison

The Lithuanian political party Order and Justice claims that the country should initiate a case in the Hague Tribunal over violation of fundamen...

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New surveys: 55% of Lithuanians dissatisfied with democracy, 60% with general situation

Lithuania's upcoming adoption of the euro, completion of construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal and increasing salaries do not s...

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Lithuania's low inflation will help with euro accession, say experts

VILNIUS - Average annual inflation in Lithuania is the lowest it has been in the last decade; something which, according to financial experts, m...

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International Discussion in Kaunas Examined Liberal Arts Education Today

We are experiencing a historical turning point, as job markets and education fields are changing and models need to be rethought. This was the c...

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Lithuania bids farewell to the lita, prepares to join the euro zone

VILNIUS - Lithuania bids farewell to the Lita on December 31 this year, and a few Lithuanian volunteers have even built the largest pyramid of c...

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