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Not so boring after all

I read with interest a letter to The Baltic Times that underscored a statement by Latvian President

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Media revelation

I was very surprised to see my name mentioned on the Latvian Web site (Transparency Int

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So we're boring

I recently read a quote by Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga in a Radio Free Europe/Liberty Rad

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In response

Mr. Kokoski (of Canada), in his letter to the editor, published in the Oct. 5-11 issue of The Baltic

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Turkey in the EU?

I believe it is time for European leaders to start questioning whether mostly-Islamic Turkey should

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Baltic admirer

To be frank, until this summer, I knew hardly anything about Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. I had he

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Step up to the responsibility

Again, I am saddened to read how Latvia's driving habits have resulted in yet another tragic death (

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Ingmars, Latvia

Living standards in Latvia are still low because of foreigners pursuing their own interests. They do

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No speak English?

I moved from the U.K. two years ago and now happily reside in the countryside of Latvia. When visiti

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Go Western

I just read about Yeltsin's comments on Latvia. For God's sake don't ever connect your country with

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