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Stick it to Russia

Yes, "relaxed Western readers" do want to hear about the warnings from the Baltic states of the "ris

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It is sad to see but… [your] newspaper is full of aggression to Russia. Do you really think that r

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Graceful geisha

I would like to comment on the movie critique on "Memoirs of a Geisha" that appeared in the Baltic T

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Model rail

I should like to respond to Mr. Vilcinskas' letter in The Baltic Times issue #494, in which there is

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Cartesian Vilnius

As you wrote in your editorial on nuclear energy (TBT #491), there is a strong argument for allowing

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Wake up, Riga

Between consenting adults, prostitution is an acceptable business transaction. It's even enshrined i

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Magic bus

I think Neil Taylor, respected guidebook author though he may be, is wrong when he says that Riga is

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Railway 101

Nearly all Estonians know the importance of the railway in the Estonian War of Independence (1918 's

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Check the facts

I am a regular reader of your publication, and I am prompted to write you to correct various issues

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Take that

Why should anybody ever think that Estonia would ever stop the only source of income it has? Take aw

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