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A right to know

The recent death of Timothy Harper, an ex-pat Englishman murdered in Riga around the 14th of June, h

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Question of ethics

I am disappointed with the June 15 decision of the European Parliament to approve tax spending on em

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Ripped off

I am a U.K. citizen and just wanted to say what a lovely country [Latvia] you have. I ca

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Ridiculous expectations

Having come from the U.K. almost seven years ago and settled in Lithuania, I have seen an unbelievab

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U.S.A - What's the story behind "My Prima Donna Swamp Princess"? Funny stuff!

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Gay questions

Canada - I am disappointed with the European Union Parliament which continues to issue statements th

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Blatant racism

London - I was happy to read your account of the Roma woman who won her legal case against racial di

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Appalling behavior

Great new hockey arena, but your so-called hockey fans should be ashamed of the way they represented

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Goons, not fans

I'm a Canadian currently watching the game between Canada and Latvia in the World Hockey Championshi

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Don't ask who

Who was it that never returned the roubles to Russia and told the world it was politically expedient

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