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Road rage

I read Mike Johnson's letter (TBT #520), about motoring and police inactivity with some degree of el

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Where are you, road police?

Today's traffic police press release, which mentioned 120 accidents, 21 injuries and three deaths, i

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No apathy in Jurmala

You write (TBT #514) that the public seems to have lost interest in Jurmalagate, and that there is a

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I would like to draw your attention to a phenomenon which is, in my opinion, a great hazard to the d

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Closed on Tuesdays?

I am sorry that John Burke (TBT #517) seems to have fallen out with so many people and organizations

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Medieval Latvia

This is so sad. We spend decades waiting for the people of the former eastern block to gain freedom

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A question of power

It was a great pleasure to visit for the first time one of the Baltic states - in this case Estonia'

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Why is the issue so controversial? This question is on many peoples mind when it comes to the loudes

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Fat chance

Tallinn taxi drivers will laugh their heads off when so called people-friendly meters are enforced.

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On July 22 I plan to be walking in Riga's second annual gay pride parade. While there are a lot of e

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