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Questionable idols

England - It was with great interest that I read your "Quote of the Week," TBT issue n

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Here's to the Balts

England - To an extent, I agree so much with the sentiment expressed by A. Peterson over the Old Tow

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Noise complaint

RIGA - I am surprised your paper was opposed to Riga Council's decision to ban the beer gardens in L

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I enjoy your articles about Lithuania but wish you could tell your writers (who mostly seem to be fo

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Congratulations on your anniversary! As I was once a reader of the Tallinn based The Baltic Independ

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Tallinn as European Capital of Culture - what culture? Couldn't this be greed and corruption at the

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Beware the euro

In recent times inflation in Lithuania has been declared at around 2.7 percent per annum. I have bee

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Can't please everyone

It is of interest that Astrid writes her critique (TBT #499) regarding the Danish cartoons from Amst

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Cartoons again

I've learnt with astonishment about the assumption of a number of European newspapers that the publi

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I assume that your reader "unimpressed" is an "A+" graduate of the Zhirinovsky Institute of Diplomat

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