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Off the Wire

TRAINING TOGETHER: Naval and coast guard vessels from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany beg

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Religion over-regulated in Latvia

RIGA - A confusing and complicated law dealing with the registration of religious groups has cre

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Changes announced in immigration laws

TALLINN - The citizenship and migration board announced changes Sept. 21 to the laws regulating

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Police dismissals spark controversy

TALLINN - The decision by the Minister of Interior to sack 536 police officers last week has ruf

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Ax falls on customs department head

VILNIUS - Finance Minister Jonas Lionginas issued a decree Sept. 16 that officially ends Stasys

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Latvia, Lithuania finally prepare border pact

RIGA/VILNIUS - After six years of negotiations, the Latvian and Lithuanian governments are poise

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Slower than death: Riga's housing department

RIGA - While the body of Yevgeny Kostikov decayed on the sofa in his fifth-floor apartment in a

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Government unveils slimmed down budget

TALLINN - Next year's state budget will be balanced and about 1 billion kroons ($66.1 million) s

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The high price of keeping a country green

TALLINN - Environmental protection laws are some of the toughest and most expensive laws Estonia

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Hotel scandal dogs president

RIGA - President Vaira Vike-Freiberga's first official visit to the United States set off a mini

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