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Through hell and back

Seven years after independence, and three years after the repatriation law, the happy homecoming is

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A backward glance

After years of delay, Latvia has officially asked the United Nations to recognize the country's 50 y

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Russian crisis scares Euroskeptics

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Russian crisis has many Lithuanian Euroskeptics thinking again, according to the

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Less for America, more for Latvia

RIGA - On a visit this week to Brussels, Bonn, Paris and London, U.S. Trade Representative Charlene

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Expat Latvians respond

If Aivars Slucis' goal was to foster debate in Latvia on how the country should deal with its large

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Latvian official to visit prisoners held in India

RIGA - A Latvian foreign ministry official is planning a December visit to Latvians imprisoned in In

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Squashing the millennium bug in Estonia

TALLINN - In 1990, a 107-year-old woman in Denmark received a letter from the local school congratul

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Vilnius prepares for new millennium

VILNIUS - Some say he could win the Conservative Party nomination for president in the next election

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MP: Punishment should fit the crime

VILNIUS - It is not advisable to get oneself tossed into a Lithuanian prison. Inmates are crammed in

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Riga blast not caused by bomb

RIGA - The investigation into the blast that shocked the historic Old Town of Riga late last month h

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