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Ad calls for removal of Russians

RIGA - An advertisement calling on Russia to repatriate the nearly 1 million Russians living in Latv

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Broadcasting bill could muzzle media

TALLINN - A broadcasting bill, which media experts fear could lead to censorship and political press

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Latvia joins WTO, sets sights on EU

RIGA - Latvia fulfilled one of its three main foreign policy objectives Oct. 14 when it became the

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Green interference

Latvian greens are interfering in a foreign country's affairs by protesting against the construction

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Lithuania looks abroad

The decision by Latvian citizens to approve amendments to the citizenship law in the Oct. 3 referend

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Latvians voted wisely when they opted to send but six political parties to the new Parliament. Too b

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You've come a long way, Baby!

Estonia, known for its beautiful but reserved women, seems an unlikely place for a beauty contest na

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Schoolhouse Rock

While many Lithuanians who speak English learned the language in the classroom, a few claim to have

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Going, going, gone to Estonia

With economic reform well in hand, Estonia invites the world to bid on its art, as Urmas Maranik rep

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The prints of Wales come to Lithuania

Prince Charles may not be the next Van Gogh, but he paints a pretty picture of his country. Paul Be

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