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New law simplifies business

RIGA - Commercial activity in Latvia is regulated by multiple laws that were passed when the country

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Heating company attracts investors

TALLINN - The heating company Tallinna Soojus, which warms up about 71 percent of the Estonian capit

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Down with double taxation

VILNIUS - For many businesses, the only thing more annoying than paying taxes is figuring them out.

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New century, new spa

Come the 21st century, Estonians may start spending their holidays in Estonia rather than in some wa

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A glance at Baltic real estate

Ober Haus, a registered real estate company in Estonia, is the only real estate agency active in all

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Private property in Lithuania

A real estate market began to develop in Lithuania as early as 1991, when the Law on Apartment Priva

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Property market picks up in Riga

The property investment market in Riga picked up the pace in 1998, as foreign investors began buying

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Tallinn bourse crosses the 100 mark

TALLINN - After weeks in the financial cellar, the TALSE index finally climbed back over the 100 mar

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WTO membership may torpedo software pirates

RIGA - Riga software producer Tilde's managing director Uldis Dzenis has mixed feelings about softwa

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Hansapank, Uhispank raise interest rates

TALLINN - Easy foreign loans aren't so easy any more, now that both Hansapank and Uhispank announced

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