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Vodka for Verdi: sin taxes go to culture, sports

VILNIUS - From now on, every cheerful cry of "i sveikata" (cheers), every spark of a match and drag

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Farmers lay down the gauntlet: Protesters demand voice in Estonia's EU negotiations

TALLINN - The message was loud and clear. Farmers want action and they want action now.Estonian f

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Latvia is growing up

I must confess that I spent much of last Sunday with a silly grin on my face, so relieved was I at t

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Latvians made a brave decision in choosing to keep changes to their citizenship law in the Oct. 3 re

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Out of the shadows and into a worldly court

After being crowned Mrs. Globe, the former Mrs. Latvia has been thrust into the limelight. With a na

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Intellectual stimulus

Latvia recently brought renewed life to political philosophy by holding a conference in tribute to a

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Broken mirrors and black cats still cause shivers

Modern science can explain many things, but life is still governed largely by chance. In Lithuania,

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One of a kind

The town of Sokolac in eastern Republika Srbska is unique in a number of ways. Cradled on top of bre

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No fear

Bosnia is a special place for me. Life there and in Latvia is like being in two different worlds, bu

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Watching the voting after the shooting

The mid-September national elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina were witnessed by the Organization for Se

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