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OECD: Baltic economies on right track

TALLINN - The economies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will not be severely affected by the crisis

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Ulmanis announces new citizenship law

RIGA (BNS) - Latvian President Guntis Ulmanis announced Oct. 26, the amendments to the law on citize

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Oil washes ashore near Ventspils

RIGA - Oil has washed ashore along 40 kilometers of coast in northern Kurzeme, near the port town of

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Radioactive mushrooms lead to controls

RIGA - A rise in shipments of mushrooms with high levels of radioactivity from Central and Eastern E

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Soldiers face disciplinary action over pay dispute

TALLINN - Six Estonian peace-keepers face criminal investigation and possible court action after a r

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Estonia turns attention to citizenship law: Parliament considers amendments, OSCE urges support

TALLINN - Now that Latvia has passed its citizenship amendments, focus is turning to Estonia, which

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Adamkus lobbies Washington for NATO nod

VILNIUS - He was the first Baltic president to receive a private audience with U.S. President Bill C

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Redefining the nation state

WASHINGTON - Plans by Germany's new governing coalition to modify that country's naturalization laws

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Asking the world to recognize Latvia's occupation and help it shake off its painful past should not

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Although Lithuania has promised it would chip in 40 soldiers to help NATO in Yugoslavia, some Lithua

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