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Weird spins in a changing world

El Nino, Russia on its knees, Latvians making sensible election decisions - has the world turned on

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A dancer's itchy feet

It was time for a change. For New York-based dancer and choreographer Aija Paegle, 1995 presented he

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Lithuania's spiritual ambassador to the East

Disgusted by the deterioration of Western culture, Lithuanian photographer Paulius Normantas took hi

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Feed the world

Think of Riga and Hare Krishna probably is not the first thing that pops to mind. But bald, chanting

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Stock markets: weekly report (October 13 - 19)

The prospects for the Baltic financial markets became clearer last week after Estonian Hansapank and

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Williams urges Butinge deal with Dutch firm

VILNIUS (BNS) - The board of Lithuania's Butinges Nafta oil terminal will announce Oct. 23 that the

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Businessmen predict deflation for 1999

RIGA (BNS) - Latvia will experience deflation in 1999 due to the Russian crisis, Baltija Holding's h

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Security company lands new partner

TALLINN - The Swedish security company Securitas announced last month it will buy Estonian Security

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Deal will send Lithuanian food to Moscow

VILNIUS - The adverse effects of the Russian financial crisis on Lithuania have thus far been minima

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Summed up

NEW DESTINATION FOR FREIGHT LINE: Tallinn will be one port of call for a new weekly freight line the

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