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Estonian veterans win 3 medals in athletics at Invictus Games

TALLINN – Estonian veterans won a silver and two bronze medals at the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia, bringing the medal score for Es...

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Estonian State Electoral Office preparing to fight possible cyber attacks

TALLINN - The Estonian State Electoral Office is making preparations to fight possible cyber attacks and information manipulation prior to the g...

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EAS planning to bring 20,000 more tourists to Estonia for EUR 650,000

TALLINN – #EstonianWay, a new two-year tourism promotion campaign launched by Enterprise Estonia, aims to bring additionally 20,000 touris...

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Estonian Center Party planning to cut patient waiting times by half

TALLINN - The Estonian Center Party has listed gaining access to a medical specialist in no longer than four weeks and to a scheduled operation ...

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Ministry proposes to establish Estonia's eastern border requirements as EU border standard

TALLINN - The border standard currently being established in the European Union should meet the same requirements as the infrastructure to ...

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Portal: Estonia set to restore electric car buying subsidy, this time for business

TALLINN – The Estonian Ministry of the Environment is planning to restore the subsidy for the purchase of electric cars, but make it avail...

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Defmin: Estonia's national defense model requires awareness from citizens

TALLINN – The national defense model of Estonia requires awareness from citizens and situational awareness from the state, Defense Ministe...

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Estonia implementing 8 measures to boost development of NE region

TALLINN – The state is planning to apply eight different measures to promote economic development, development of urban space and employme...

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Formin at UN meeting: Estonia wishes to share experience in e-governance

TALLINN – Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser on Thursday gave a speech at the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly on the ef...

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President looks at possibilities for using big data at Statistics Estonia

TALLINN – President Kersti Kaljulaid on Wednesday visited Statistics Estonia, where she learned about the possibilities for using big data...

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