Estonian police to buy regular uniforms for EUR 1 mln

  • 2018-12-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board has announced a procurement for the purchase of regular  uniforms consisting of a jacket, uniform pants and uniform skirts for one million euros.  

In the first of six planned procurements, 250 jackets and skirts and 500 pairs of pants are to be bought. 

Overall in the six procurements, an estimated 2,350 jackets, 3,250 pairs of pants and 1,400 skirts are to be purchased. 

The criteria on which the offers are to be ranked are cost, which is worth 50 percent of the overall assessment, quality of samples, which is worth 30 percent, and the length of the first period of supply and the period of supply offered in the course of the fulfilment of the agreement with equal shares of 10 percent.

The closing date of offers is Jan. 2 and the Police and Border Guard Board expects to conclude a framework agreement for six years with several tenderers. 

Previously the Police and Border Guard Board concluded an agreement on the purchase of new field uniforms with the company Profline AS in June. The first field uniforms supplied under that agreement are expected to be delivered in December. 

That procurement took more time than originally planned as a result of several contestations. 

Three offers were filed in the field uniform procurement, two of which were joint offers made by two tenderers: Image Wear AS and Image Wear OY as well as A la Carte Uniforms OU and A la Carte Identity Clothing AB. The Police and Border Guard Board signed framework agreements with all three participants in the tender, with Profline AS as the best bidder chosen as the first supplier over a period of three years.

With that procurement, the Police and Border Guard Board purchased field uniform sets including a jacket, a windcheater, a warmth layer, a uniform jacket, and uniform pants.