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NATO attempts to contain Russia raising conflict risk: Moscow

MOSCOW- Russia on Friday accused NATO of increasing the threat of conflict, insisting attempts by the US-led alliance to curb Moscow have left t...

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Baltics must work together to counter Russia's information war

RIGA - The Baltics must continue their cooperation in strategic communications, in order to counter Russia's information war, Saeima Speaker...

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Estonian startup PetWorld Global launches a mobile app in Monaco

Estonian startup PetWorld Global launches a unique and innovative mobile app in Monaco which enables pet owners worldwide to identify any lost p...

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NATO can lessen terrorist threat, not completely eradicate it

RIGA - In an interview on Latvian Radio this morning, the Latvian Ambassador to NATO Indulis Berzins said that NATO can lessen terrorist threats...

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Norwegian military vehicles to arrive in Lithuania as part of NATO deployment

VILNIUS - Military vehicles and other equipment of a Norwegian contingent to be deployed as part of NATO's battalion battlegroup will arrive...

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Minister: Open, innovative development of economy lies at center of Estonian EU presidency

TALLINN - It will be a goal of the Estonian presidency of the EU Council to contribute to the development in Europe of the open and innovative e...

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Russia refusing to send some rail freight to Latvia

RIGA - Russia's state-owned railway monopoly is refusing most requests to take cargo from Russia to ports in Latvia, industry executives sai...

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Estonia: Allied tanks to face off in final battle of Spring Storm exercise

TALLINN  - Tanks of three allied nations taking part in the Spring Storm large-scale military exercise in Estonia were set to engage i...

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Lithuanian language watchdog backs original name spelling on ID document's main page

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian language watchdog proposes to allow using non-Lithuanian Latin-based characters for spelling names on the main page of ...

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Terrorism threat level in Latvia has not been raised after Manchester blast

RIGA - The Latvian Security Police has no information about direct terrorism threat in Latvia and necessity to raise terrorism threat level afte...

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