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Simsek: EU model should be taken as example in Middle East

TALLINN - When looking for solutions to conflicts and problems in the Middle East, a movement toward the European Union's democratic mo...

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Gottemoeller: NATO focuses on Iraq when supporting US' coalition against IS

TALLINN - In Iraq and Syria NATO is focusing on supporting the US-led coalition which is fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group...

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Estonian MP: EU cannot back down from Russia sanctions

RIGA - In an interview with BNS, Estonian European Parliament Member Kaja Kallas said that many in the EU see peace and freedom as something tha...

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Mogherini: EU expects energy, determination from Estonia during presidency

TALLINN - The European Union expects energy and determination from Estonia during the country's upcoming presidency of the Council of t...

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Lithuanian authorities had wiretapped phone of man suspected by US of large-scale fraud

VILNIUS – In an effort to detain or receive relevant information about Evaldas Rimasauskas whom the US suspect of very large-scale fraud, ...

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ReputationTime conference to be held in Riga

RIGA - On May 12, the third reputation management conference ReputationTime about communication challenges during the digital era will be held i...

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US defense secretary pledges to defend Baltic states

VILNIUS - United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis said in Vilnius on Wednesday that the US was ready to deploy defense systems in t...

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Gardner: EU must count on support of business leaders in Trump administration

TALLINN - Hopefully the experienced business leaders in Trump's administration will ensure some continuity in the seven decades of bipartisa...

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Bergmanis: US to continue to support development of Latvian armed forces`

RIGA - Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis (Greens/Farmers) during his meeting with US Defense Secretary James Mattis has received confi...

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Constitution Protection Bureau chief Maizitis' computer stolen

RIGA  - Thieves burgled the rented apartment of the Constitution Protection Bureau’s director Janis Maizitis this week and stole his ...

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