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120 kilometer fence to be built on Latvian- Belarusian border

A fence approximately 120 kilometers long will be built on the Latvian-Belarusian border to help the Border Guard apprehend illegal immigrants a...

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Estonian top court: MPs can belong to rural municipality, city councils

Estonia's Supreme Court has deemed the amendments to the Status of Members of the Riigikogu Act and Local Government Organization Act that a...

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Lithuanian Railways to scrap Vilnius-Moscow passenger service

Lietuvos GeleÅžinkeliai (Lithuanian Railways, or LG) is scrapping its passenger service between Vilnius and Moscow in a move that is expected to ...

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Estonia pledges to support Kosovo on road to integration with EU

The European Union cares about the stability of the Western Balkans and Kosovo's road to integration with the EU, and that Estonia supports ...

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Probably same old, same old

I write on May 8, which means that less than a month remains until Latvia's local government election, which is on June 3.  The first t...

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How I discovered my superpower in global women economic forum

On May 8-13, I travelled to New Delhi, India to receive the Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All award at the annual summit of Women Eco...

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Defense expert: You cannot expect loyalty from all in the worst scenario

Imagine a foreign intruder sets foot on Baltic soil in the most horrible scenario. Will the boots be firm in the region that, over the last 27 y...

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About 160 Lithuanian troops participate in military drills in Estonia

Around 160 Lithuanian troops are taking part in the Spring Storm (Kevadtorm 2017) military exercise in Estonia for the next two weeks, the Lithu...

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Latvian foreign minister urges Russia to investigate human rights violations in Chechnya

The Russian authorities should urgently undertake a thorough investigation into the torture and persecution of individuals, especially based on ...

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Latvia's small ports have quite high potential for nautical tourism

Small ports in Latvia have rather high potential to attract local and foreign yachtsmen, who could travel along Latvia's coastline from port...

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