Estonian MP: EU cannot back down from Russia sanctions

  • 2017-05-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA - In an interview with BNS, Estonian European Parliament Member Kaja Kallas said that many in the EU see peace and freedom as something that is self-evident, but added that things are not as simple as they seem and the bloc cannot back down from the Russia sanctions.

The MEP, who also works on the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee, pointed out that the situation in Eastern Ukraine has deteriorated in recent months, and that the Minsk agreement is not being observed. ''20,000 people in the east of Ukraine are living without electricity and water. It is important to keep reminding about the situation in Ukraine so that it does not disappear from the global agenda,'' Kallas said.

Commenting the new U.S. presidential administration's attitude towards Ukraine, the European Parliament member pointed out that the U.S. has decided to keep quiet about the Ukraine matter and ignore what is happening in the country. She believes that U.S. President Donald Trump has chosen friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and that if such a serious player as the U.S. has chosen this strategy of silence, then this just emboldens Russia, which is very concerning.

She also is confident that the EU sanctions against Russia have been effective, and that it is important for the EU to remain united based on its common principles.