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Majority of resident believe it is not possible to become wealthy in Latvia by honest means - survey

RIGA - A majority of Latvian residents believe it is not possible to become wealthy in the country by honest means, according to a SKDS survey c...

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Relations between Latvia and Russia are not easy but common ground will be sought - ambassador-designate

RIGA - Relations between Latvia and Russia are not easy but it is a diplomat’s mission to talk and seek common ground, Latvian a...

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We must prevent Usakovs or Lembergs from becoming prime minister - Aseradens

RIGA - If elected chairman of Unity, Economics Minister Arvils Aseradens will try to mobilize the democratic wing to prevent Aivars Lembergs (Fo...

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Over 45% of Latvian millennials not saving up for old age

RIGA - As many as 45.2 percent of Latvia’s millennials, or people aged roughly between 22 and 35, are not saving up for their old-age pens...

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Under existing law Revenue Service cannot conclude agreement on using mediation in dispute with

RIGA - The existing laws do not allow the State Revenue Service to conclude an agreement on using mediation to resolve its dispute with SIA Inte...

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Latvia shows EU's fourth steepest industrial output growth in June

RIGA - In June 2017, Latvia showed the fourth steepest industrial output growth in the European Union as compared to the same month a year ago, ...

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$749M US Lottery Record! Mega Millions Rockets to $393 million and Powerball’s at $356 million making jackpot history!

US lotteries Mega Millions and Powerball are making headlines with jackpots worth a combined $749 million! With the

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Baltic PMs readying for gas talks

VILNIUS – The prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will this week attempt to agree on a common liquefied natural gas (LNG) mar...

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Latvia invited to observe Russia-Belarus military exercise Zapad

RIGA - The Latvian Defense Ministry has today received an invitation from Belarus to send two military observers to Zapad, a military exercise t...

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Number of public administration employees in Latvia above EU average

RIGA - The number of public administration employees in Latvia is above the EU average, according to the Public Administration Reform Plan 2020,...

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