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Estonia signs cooperation agreements with African Union, Mauritius to develop e-governance

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas has signed agreements of good will with the African Union and Mauritius for the development of...

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Residence permit of US woman who married Estonian woman valid until end of court procedure

The residence permit granted to a woman of U.S. citizenship who married an Estonian woman is to be valid until the end of the court procedure as...

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Linnahall important for Tallinn and Estonia, but economic challenge remain

It conjures within the mind a crumbling Mesoamerican Mayan ancient square-topped pyramid, but the fading appreciation of Tallinn’s Linnaha...

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Smaller alcohol tax hike in Estonia won't cut into border trade

The government's decision to raise the alcohol excise duty next year by half less than originally planned will not affect the habit of Eston...

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Estonian composer Arvo Part handed the Ratzinger Prize by Pope Francis

 At a ceremony held at the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis, on Saturday, November 18, handed out this year's Ratzinger Pri...

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Ministry: EU budget agreement crowning achievement of Estonian EU Presidency

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, under the leadership of Estonia, on the night between Friday and Saturday, Novemb...

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Estonia's EKRE: Tax reform victory of low-paid people an illusion

The council of the opposition Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) on Saturday, November 18, approved a political statement in which ...

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Luminor CEO: Hybrids of fintech companies, banks to emerge

Erkki Raasuke, CEO of Luminor, the new joint bank of Nordea and DNB, said that the banking sector in the next five to seven years may change con...

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Estonia: Tallinn to build second corridor for trams in city center

The Tallinn city government is working on a plan for an additional corridor for tram traffic through the center of the city to make tram service...

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Local elections in Estonia spelt the end of Savisaar’s era

Local municipality elections are usually considered as second rank elections and usually analysts don’t pay much attention to them. Howeve...

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