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Investing in research is not a luxury

TALLINN - Investing in research and innovation is not a luxury, but a necessary step in maintaining the competitiveness of the European Union, E...

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Nighttime construction work at Tallinn Airport completed after 2 years

TALLINN – After two years, nightly construction work at Tallinn Airport was concluded on Thursday, during which the surface layer of the r...

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Bill of amendments to parental leave, benefits system passes 1st reading in Estonian parliament

TALLINN - The bill of amendments to the parental leave and benefits system passed the first reading in the Estonian parliament on Wednesday....

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We can simultaneously be Estonians, Europeans

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas at the conference "Nation States or Member States? Reimagining the European Union" o...

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Baltics have largely been left out of Europe's populism story

TALLINN - The Baltic countries have largely been left out of Europe's populism story, associate professor at the University of Georgia Cas M...

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Estonian parliament committee supports bill allowing to lift refugee status

TALLINN - The constitutional committee of the Estonian parliament has supported a bill that would create an opportunity for withdrawing a foreig...

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Conclusions of Tallinn Digital Summit include creating a digital continent

TALLINN - Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas after receiving feedback on Friday published conclusions from the Tallinn Digital Summit which...

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European digital ministers sign Tallinn Declaration on e-government

TALLINN - All European Union member states along with the European Free Trade Association countries Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerla...

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Estonian president: Catalans' situation not comparable with that of Estonia leaving USSR

TALLINN - The situation of Catalans cannot be compared with that of Estonia when our country left the Soviet Union, Estonian President Kersti Ka...

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Full smoking ban in prisons causes no major incidents

TALLINN - Smoking was banned in Estonian prisons starting from Sunday and the Ministry of Justice said that the ban has not caused any noteworth...

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