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Estonian parlt reduces maximum detention period of young offenders

TALLINN - The Estonian parliament on Wednesday adopted with 80 votes a law which will create a new system for treating young offenders and will ...

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Eesti Gaas to start selling biomethane in gas stations

TALLINN –  The Estonian natural gas and electricity seller Eesti Gaas and Rohegaas OU have entered into a cooperation contract, accor...

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Center Party names seeing to welfare of older people as the next big task for Estonia

TALLINN – Poverty and inequality pose a very big problem for Estonia and it is a duty of the state to work towards a more equal society, w...

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Estonian Prime Minister in Bundestag: We all must take responsibility for lasting peace

BERLIN – Even though we are often prone to taking peace for granted, we all need to contribute to and take responsibility for lasting peac...

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Estonian MP: Korean peninsula must become nuclear-free

TALLINN – It is in the interests of Estonia and all Western allies that the Korean peninsula become nuclear-free, chairman of the Estonian...

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Administrative reform changes over half a million addresses in Estonia

TALLINN – About 555,000 addresses across Estonia changed as a result of the administrative reform the outcome of which became official wit...

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More than 1,000 events to be held during year of Estonia's 100th anniversary

TALLINN – The year of 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia will bring along more than 1,000 events to celebrate the country's ...

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Estonian EU presidency decreases capability of police to catch drunk drivers

TALLINN - Providing security for the events held in Tallinn in the framework of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union dra...

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Estonia, Iceland have the most internet freedom

TALLINN - Internet freedom is highest globally in Estonia and Iceland, according to the newest edition of a report from Freedom House titled &qu...

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Embassy perplexed by Estonia accusing arrested Russian of being FSB agent

TALLINN - The Russian embassy in Tallinn is perplexed by the Estonian authorities' statement that Russian citizen Alexei Vasilyev, aged 20, ...

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