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New Russian news service looks for journalists in Latvia, Estonia

The Russian news service Sputnik, which launched in November, is preparing to expand into Latvia and Estonia, and is looking for journalists in ...

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Hypocritical and cynical: Estonia locks up Galojan

While Estonians celebrate the anniversary of their independence on Feb. 23, Anna-Maria Galojan will be spending her 33rd birthday in prison....

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Large numbers change official place of residence ahead of Lithuanian local elections

It has been noted recently that in certain parts of Lithuania, large numbers of people have been changing their official place of residence from...

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Wolves of Kemeri National Park becoming problem, claim residents

The wolves of Kemeri National Park near Jurmala, Latvia are becoming a major problem for local residents, the daily newspaper Neatkariga reports...

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Leaders from all Baltic countries to attend Maidan commemoration in Kiev

Leaders from all three Baltic countries are to visit Ukraine this weekend to attend commemorations of those killed during the EuroMaidan protest...

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Vilnius analysts: Russia could try conventional attack against Lithuania

Staunton, February 17 – Most analysts have become so focused on Vladimir Putin’s use of “hybrid war” that they do not ta...

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Decommissioning work at Lithuania's Ignalina Power Plant reaches crucial stage

In 2015 the decommissioning process at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) will enter a crucial stage: main disassembly work is scheduled be ...

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Vike-Freiberga: popular vote for president would be dangerous in current climate

The former President of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga believes that it would be very dangerous to elect a president by popular vote in the curren...

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British Defence Minister: Russia could repeat Ukraine tactics in Baltics

Russia could repeat the tactics it has used to destabilise Ukraine in the Baltics countries, British Defence Minister Michael Fallon warned in c...

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20 year anniversary of Baltic Battalion creation marked in Latvia

An event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Baltic Battalion will take place at the Adazi military base today, the Defence Ministry inform...

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