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On the "artistic" mockery of Holocaust victims in Estonia

  On February 7th, 2015, a peculiar exhibition opened at the Tartu Art Museum in Est...

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Grybauskaite: monuments must be put up to Smetona and Basanavicius by 2018

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has said that by 2018, when Lithuania will mark the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Lithuani...

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Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel would cost 9-13 bn euros: new study

Preliminary studies show a tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn would cost €9–13bn to build and would recoup the money spent within 35...

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If US does not arm Ukraine, Russia will move against Baltics: Janusz Rolicki

If President Obama follows German Chancellor Merkel and doesn’t arm Ukraine, the US president will not only “be playing the role Put...

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Estonian FM: we should offer Ukrainian refugees temporary asylum

Following the UN's call for European Union member states to receive Ukrainian refugees, Estonian Foreign Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannu...

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Gold and silver for Latvian brothers in skeleton World Cup

Latvian skeleton racers (and brothers) Martins and Tomass Dukurs yesterday finished second and fourth after two runs in the ...

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Estonia and Hungary: a very Finno-Ugric feud

Someone walking past the Russian Embassy on Pikk Tanav in Tallinn and looking up at the striking beige Art Nouveau-ish building that faces it mi...

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Roivas: Estonia is ready to host additional NATO troops

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas said on Friday that Estonia is ready to host additional NATO troops Public Broadcasting reports. ...

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Lithuania's how-to manual for foreign invasion

  With its mild climate and shuttered nuclear reactor, Lithuania's more than 20 years of independence have be...

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Baltics rise in World Press Freedom Index

All three Baltic countries have risen on the latest World Press Freedom Index, compiled by Reporters Without Borders, despite what the organisat...

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