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The upcoming G-20 Summit in Seoul and its agenda

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the Baltic States and the Repu

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United we stand Part II

In implementing the Lisbon Treaty, the European External Action Service, a sort of EU foreign

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Europarliamentarian Andrikiene, proud but underestimated, extols EP, lambasts Seimas

Laima Andrikiene, Europarliamentarian from the Motherland Union and Lithuanian Christian Democ

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Estonia’s duty as an EU member state to its open energy market

With the the globalization of  the energy sector and the opening of energy markets, energ

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The New Government must not let it’s supporters down,

 On October 2, to the surprise of many both in Latvia and abroad, the people of Latvia pu

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Things that are not but should be discussed, Part II

Within the last month after the parliamentary elections, while discussing the prospects for th

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The Post-Soviet Hangover

It should have been an entirely simple process, just as it was four years ago.  The polit

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Latvia’s new voice from the right

In Latvia’s October 2 elections, the new nationalist party All for Latvia! and its veter

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Laying the foundations for Europe’s jobs recovery

Europe has recently faced the biggest economic crisis since the recession of the 1930s, with t

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‘Schadenfreude’ and Economic Development

China’s manipulation of the renminbi is worrying the entire world about a currency war.

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