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Vytautas Landsbergis, patriarch of Lithuanian politics: no throwing peels

“I am sorry to keep you waiting. A parliamentary sitting has just finished, so before th

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Seeking Safety and Security in an Unsafe and Insecure World

Curiously enough, the independence of Lithuania, proclaimed and regained on March 11, 1990, wa

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The end ain’t nigh

 The recession is over! Or so says our prime minister, the IMF and others. Considering th

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An innovative economy requires cooperation and tough choices

As over 500 delegates converge on Tallinn today for the annual forum of the EU Strategy for th

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Studying the gas-producing bear’s habits

On Oct. 11, the heating season started in Vilnius. It is still a centralized system which is b

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The spiritual healer

Every country goes through periods of eye-opening revelations, of sudden clarity, and periods

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Republican values and liberal values

A week has passed since parliamentary elections in Latvia. On Oct. 15, President Valdis Zatler

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Estonian elections in March 2011 – can we learn from Sweden or Latvia?

There has been an emergence of far-right parties in the European Union in general. The Swedish

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Lithuania’s government – unloved but untouchable

Lithuania’s government is in deep trouble, or so it might seem at first glance. The late

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In defense of patriotism

A patriot is defined in the New Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus as “a person who loves

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