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Back to School for Europe

To scare a European industrialist, talk not of Greece, debt or growth but of skills.S

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The dubious work of Lithuanian prosecutors or reality?

On June 21, Erikas Vaitekunas, one of the prosecutors from the Lithuanian Prosecutor General&r

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Uniting today’s Europe

Michael Borshchevsky, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and based in London, is a scientist and

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Keeping Quiet?

There was an interesting commentary last week on the Internet portal of the relatively new new

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Saint of the Missing brings lost people home

If you have a missing family member or a relative, you may have exhausted all options while lo

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Whether geography matters in the Baltic constructed “world”?

There are politicians in the Baltic States (3B) who tend to emphasize the unique geographical

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Structural reforms in Latvia – myth or reality?

Will they listen this time? On June 8, 2010, Ms. Ingrida Sudraba, Auditor General/Head of the

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Bogota’s Lithuanian idol

Colombia has three world famous icons: Shakira, probably the world’s sexiest pop star an

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Tax reform and economic development: an impossible mission in Latvia?

In the last weeks, one question has been broadly discussed in Latvia: is a progressive tax reg

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New doctrine of Russia’s foreign policy

“Russia is capitalizing somewhat on that the European Union is not in great shape right

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