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The Treason of Intellectuals? Or an Identity Crisis?

Tomas Venclova is regarded as one of the most accomplished and noted Lithuanian humanists in t

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Getting Europeaan, moving northwards and meeting Merkel

On Sept. 6, German Chancellor Angela Merkel started her visit to Lithuania and Latvia in Vilni

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Lithuanian-Georgian relations: from blind love to reminding of the necessity of homework

If, during the past sweltering summer heatwave, his attaches and advisors had seen him nonchal

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Dare to dream, Latvian citizen!

The time before elections is special, and it cannot be truer in Latvia this year. Public opini

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Looking at the Lithuanian August

Three minor events of this lazy Lithuanian August are worth some attention. On Aug. 24, the U.

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Presidential outcast turned EU envoy shows basketball tricks on Afghan soil

A bit over two years ago, Vygaudas Usackas, the then-Lithuanian ambassador to Great Britain, w

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Oh, for God’s Sake!

The biggest event on the Roman Catholic calendar in Latvia is the festival of the Mother of Go

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New reality in Polish-Lithuanian relationship

Lithuanian-Polish relations have taken a turn for the worse. The downturn is the result of a g

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The sound of Latvia

Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO), together with Latvian National Opera and Latvian N

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Welcome to the New Europe, on Estonia’s re-Independence Day

Estonia is now a member of the European Union, NATO, WTO and other democratic and important wo

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