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Talking tough on energy security

From Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, Vaclav Bartuska, ambassador-at-large of the Czech Republic, visited Li

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Things that are not, but should be discussed (What’s next for the Latvian dream: death or transformation?)

At first there was an idea to make a list of facts that would have to be considered before Lat

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The Time is Here

Well, here we are. The parliamentary election is upon us. Apart from the fact that you’v

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Still speaking the truth to power

Last fall, a mass walkout by staff at Latvia’s most respected newspaper, Diena, over rel

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The New Political Sounds of Latvian Music

This week a new trend appeared on the political scene - a Latvian musician not only playing in

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To Vote or Not To Vote (For The Lesser Of Evils)

On October 2, 2010, not only the parliamentary elections will take place in Latvia. This will

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Capitalism’s leading lady

Stock markets have always seemed to represent a world of high finance and speculative trading

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All the W’s of the World

In the last days, much has been discussed about the possibility that the world economy is pass

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Dealing with Islamism

The factor of Islamism, which is a world-scale issue, will have some influence on the Baltics

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This Mysterious East

Eastern culture has always been a subject of particular interest and attention to those in the

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