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Building a better global community

The ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Sweden, Hee-yong Cho, along with a delegation inclu

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Ready, Steady ... Go!

It has started. Latvia’s parliamentary campaign has begun in official terms. We are now

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All might not be well in Lithuania

Lithuanians have reacted with Olympian calm to the economic difficulties besetting them and th

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Speaking French

Audelin Chappuis has been living in Vilnius since the fall of 2008. This 30-year old Parisian

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The Springtime of our discontent?

By Leonidas DonskisThe springtime of our discontent includes not only a prof

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Euro Feast for Estonia – Feast in Time of Plague?

May 12, 2010, will certainly go down in the history of Estonia and Estonians. Estonia needed a

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Political structure and formulation of national interest in 3B

The prerequisite for the following of the national interest is the interest aggregation of sim

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Dealing with corruption

Sergej Muravjov, the 30-year old Executive Director of Transparency International Lithuania’s

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Constitutional Court of Latvia judges against continuity of the Latvian State

In analyzing the Constitutional Court Judgment on Citizenship and Dual Citizenship ( http://ww

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Simple, or useful?

Up to now, Latvia still does not have a consistent plan for promoting economic development. Ra

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