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The legend about Orlen Lietuva Part II

The legend about the Mazeikiai oil refinery goes wide and wild. Even the Polish ambassador to

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Building bridges between historic nations

Radek Pech, 47, has been the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lithuania since January 2010.

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Here Comes the Taxman!

In advance of October’s parliamentary election in Latvia, politicians were falling all o

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Inflation threat or just a media-bubble?

Recently several newspapers and Web magazines have been worrying about the rising prices and h

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Estonians living abroad - should we make an effort? Part II

Since the Baltic States joined the European Union in 2004, the gates have been open to many Es

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Traveling towards one’s dreams

Martynas Starkus, born in 1973 in Vilnius, is a journalist and a TV programs producer who has

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We are Faster than History, yet Slower than a Lifetime

Interestingly enough, the “faster than history” idiom acquires a special meaning w

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Reconfiguring Lithuania’s foreign policy Part II

It would be an exaggeration to claim that Lithuania is in search of a foreign policy. Integrat

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Latvia’s political unions

Political unions are inherently unstable because they are usually founded prior to elections i

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Connecting cultures

Malgorzata Kasner is director of the Polish Institute in Vilnius. Polish Institutes are the Po

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